From Punk To Ska 3

Release date: 
Wolverine Records
Release type: 
Ska, Punk, Rock, Reggae
1-1 The Skankaroos Expedition To Ska  
1-2 J*A*N Feat. U.D.S.S.R. Don't Get Lost In The Rat Race  
1-3 Sub City Dwellers 1st And 55th Avenue  
1-4 Big Mama Prendre De L'Attitide  
1-5 The Busters Radio Smash Hit  
1-6 Nicotine Paint It Black  
1-7 Skunk Allstars Needle Pink  
1-8 Wisecräcker Para Mi Gente (Y Par Las Calles)  
1-9 Skapanska In Meinen Träumen  
1-10 Out Of Line Out Of Life  
1-11 Guadalajara The Great Apeventure  
1-12 Distemper My Secrets  
1-13 Scatterbrains Big Black 79  
1-14 Beatbusters Hey Hey What A Day  
1-15 Against All Authority Radio Waves  
1-16 Ausgelebt Alltag  
1-17 Carry All Stupid White Men  
1-18 The Skarecrew Wasted  
1-19 Change Up That Girl  
1-20 Braindead Smoking Class  
1-21 Frau Doktor Too Drunk To Fuck  
1-22 Chencha Berinches Satan El Rudo  
1-23 Masons Arms Ex-Girlfriends And Brocken Hearts  
1-24 Crazy Peanuts Riot In The City  
1-25 Justin's Johnson Feel Alive  
1-26 Running Potatoes Howling At The Moon  
2-1 The Skatoons Alle Lieben Ska  
2-2 Targetpoint Stalking Roxy  
2-3 Stalking Roxy Not My Fault  
2-4 Fuck'in Boys 365 Carefully  
2-5 Los Calzones Todo De Prometen  
2-6 The Suicide Machines Hands Tied  
2-7 Spitfire Freak  
2-8 Scrapy Sad Nights In Soho  
2-9 The Planet Smashers Bullets To The Ground  
2-10 Smooth Lee Judge Vulture  
2-11 Skafari Breaking The Law  
2-12 Benuts I Wish I Was Cool Like Becky Austin  
2-13 Scruffyheads Butthole Diver  
2-14 Potshot She Is Cute  
2-15 Upstanding Youth 451 Degrees  
2-16 Skafield S.P.S.T.D.S.  
2-17 Too Many Crooks Drama Queen  
2-18 Skalariak Preso Del Sabado  
2-19 Athena Kime Ne  
2-20 Not Expected Attack  
2-21 Cut My Skin Unity Is A Lie  
2-22 No Life Lost Grantplatz  
2-23 Mad Monks The Black Monk  
2-24 The Penetrators Ties Of Society  
2-25 Dawsons's Crack Beach Girl  
2-26 The Palookas It's OK  
2-27 Skaladdin Yes Is Not The Answer  
2-28 DKU Aus Die Maus